BTS 14 Ton
Load capacity (kg)  – 14.000
Loading space (lxwxh) m –  5,2 x 2,45 x 0,75 + 0,85
Capacity (m³)  – Ca. 9,5
Aksler/drejbar/bremser  – 2/0/2
Hydraulic tailboard standard  – Standard
Total height standard (m)  – 2,85
Wheel mounting standard  – 385/65 R 22,5
Hydraulic support stud  – Standard
Capacity with grass sides m³ –  Ca. 19
Extra equipment as rolling tarp; net front board Extra wheel mounting.


BTS NewLine trailer series Grain trailers with split removable grain sides and extra large volume.

Grain trailers with split removable grain sides and extra large volume. BTS is a model series with split removable grain sides and a hydraulic tailboard. Two models of the BTS series can be delivered in sizes 14 and 18 tonnes, with a capacity of 19.0 and 20 -25.5 m3 with grain sides. The trailer series can be delivered with wheel sizes up to 26.5” in diameter.

Trailers are equipped with grain sides, hydraulic tailboards and hydraulic support studs as the standard. Larger tyres can be delivered as extra equipment. The grain sides increase the maximum capacity up to 26.6 m3. A turnable hitch eye lock and statutory lighting system have been mounted.

It is a strong trailer series and is easy to move around due to the loading length of 5.2-6.45. The loading box is built with a 45-degree transition from the bottom to the sides. The bottom part of the loading box is 85 cm high and the grain sides are 75/85 cm high, depending on the model size.

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Rolltrailer Load Calculator

Ensure using correct Roll Trailer as well as ensuring correct placement of load in relation to length and weight of the load!


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