Only used in combination with Cassettes. Translifter goes under the Cassette with the cargo, lifts it up and moves it whenever needed.
Extendable by a specific amount based on length. Extendable middle main beam.
Used for oversized objects.
Cassettes wait in place, the driver is moving all the time -> lower downtime.

Typical specifications:

  • Payload: 60 to 200 tons
  • Length: 25ft to 45ft -> Extendable to 30ft to 50ft (customizable/oversized options available)


  • Cassett stoppers
  • SafeRollTM connection
  • Rear camera
  • Tipping equipment
  • Weigh Scales****



  • High transport efficiency
  • Possibility of reducing the number of vehicles
  • Safe operation
  • Reduced lashing = saving time and labour cost
  • Self-loading principle
  • Using inexpensive Cassettes


Which problem does it solve:

Solves the problem of delay between loads and unloads of cargo.


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