• Capacity: 14 ton Net
  • Maximum Plate Size: 3.000mm by 16.000mm
  • Telescopic Boom Reach: 6.000mm to 12.000mm
  • Minimum Plate Thickness: 0,3mm
  • Electro Magnets: 5pcs.
  • Primary Power: Diesel Generator
  • Secondary Power: Battery Backup
  • HMI Interface: Touch Screen & Physical Control


In addition to the gentle handling of the plates, the MPL is able to pickup multiple plates at once. And the MPL is capable of releasing a specific number of plates by the touch of a button, making precise discharge of the plates an easy task.

In order to make the MPL as flexible as possible, the main structure of the MPL is telescopic so as to be able to handle the most different types of plates.

Our focus on productivity also includes a high level of safety built in to the MPL where backup power is available for a minimum of 5 minutes of max load if power is lost from the primary source, allowing for the safe lowering of the lifted plates.
And under operation, optimum lifting patterns can be selected, enabling either increased safety factor of reduction in energy consumption by turning on or off the electro magnets.

Rolltrailer Load Calculator

Ensure using correct Roll Trailer as well as ensuring correct placement of load in relation to length and weight of the load!


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