20th Years Anniversary – How Proud Are we?

When we are thinking about 20th Years Anniversary for NT Industry, the first thing coming to our mind is: How proud are we?

How proud are we to be part of NT team?

Here is NT story: for 20th years, we are committed to quality, we are committed to our customers. Our mission is to be recognized for INNOVATION, FLEXIBILITY and QUALITY at a very high level.

We strive to do better every day. We are working to make a difference. We offer complete solutions, tailored to our customer needs. We are passionate about providing the highest standards of service – for customers, for our employees and for our partners. To guarantee our continued success in this area, the NT Group offers regular sales seminars and technical training for production, back office, sales team, dealers and customers. This year, we have organized this sales seminar to our factory, in Poland. This offered us the great value of offering a factory tour, making product demonstrations, sharing valuable insights, discuss common values and introduce efficient solutions to our customers.

This sales seminar was just the perfect opportunity to acknowledge how much we have accomplished and to celebrate this. While we are all working from different locations and having customers all over the world, this sales seminar offered us the chance to connect in person with each other, to strengthen our relationships, to align our goals and visions for the future and of course share a lot of knowledge with each other. This is how we improve the customer experience to deliver exceptional value to our clients! ✨

Throughout the seminar, there were a variety of presentations and panel discussions covering topics such as Engineering & Design in NT Group, Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives, Service & Technical support, Aftermarket and E-commerce, recent updates and product demonstrations.


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