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Since steel mills operate 24/7 there is need for high quality, maintainable machinery that increases productivity, while it decreases operation costs. Cassette systems, that consists of a terminal tractor, self-loading translifter and cassettes, are the most cost-effective solution for handling of slab, coil, sheet and plate and scrap. 

Slabs are often hot and require special cassettes. Thermo cassettes can be covered with heat insulation cover to prevent too rapid cooling which can be harmful to the material. This also saves a lot of energy because the slabs don’t require complete re-heating in the next process point. 

Plate handling includes a lot of transportation, which makes it important to use the most-efficient solution. Each plate has to be transported several times during the process, which makes the logistics more complicated. Our cassettes are also useful for warehousing of plates, since there are not wheels which could go flat if the load is left on a cassette for a long time. 

Scrap transport includes both tipping and non-tipping equipment. The tipping version includes the translifter with a tipping mechanism which unloads the scrap independently, while in the non-tipping version the scrap bin is transported on a cassette and the tipping is done by a crane. 

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