Transporting precast elements

NT Group products offer efficient transport solution to basically any type of precast element. With load carrying capacity ranging from 30 to 120 tons and beyond and load platform length up to 35m, the Translifter system is suitable even for the most demanding precast elements.
Same equipment can also be used for transporting other heavy material within factory area, for example raw materials and steel bars. Cassette / transport bracket system is most suitable for the following precast element types: prestressed slabs and beams, wall elements, box culverts, pipes and manholes.

The benefits of the cassette / transport bracket system:

  • Flexibility and efficiency
    • No need for cranes
    • Enables transportation of large volumes in continuous cycle
    • Easy warehousing and flexible warehouse location
    • Truck operator can pick up the load independently
  • Less damage to elements
    • System minimizes handling and lifting of the elements
    • Low investment and operation
    • One driver can handle all transports
    • Transport brackets are inexpensive and by increasing the amount the operation can be scaled easily
    • No need for cranes
  • Safety
    • Translifter has excellent stability
    • Translifter has brakes, lights and rear-view camera
    • Terminal tractor is ergonomically designed with good visibility
truck transporting elements

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