We are capable of delivering spare parts for all our products.

  • Rims
  • Tyres
  • trailer axles and acle parts
  • rocker arms
  • bearings
  • 2″/3,5″ Kingpin
    Lights and electrics
  • Other parts


Depending on your needs we can offer spare parts including our own and other main brands.

Spare parts for various constructions including:

  • Roll trailers
  • Terminial trailers
  • Lifting trailers
  • Flexmaster
  • Goosenecks
  • Others

Rolltrailer Load Calculator

Ensure using correct Roll Trailer as well as ensuring correct placement of load in relation to length and weight of the load!


A story from the real world

Improved efficiency in scrap steel and bulk material handling

The Liftec LTH482 translifters together with the Tipping Cassettes enables to transport heavy loads of scrap steel in an efficient and safe way.


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