The NT Group Translifter™ family of hydraulic lifting trailers can be fitted with advanced features and the latest technology to support all aspects of your operation.

➢ SafeRoll™
➢ WiseLink™
➢ Load Cells
➢ Automatic Placement
➢ Tipping Cylinders
➢ Locking Mechanisms
➢ Telescopic Extension
➢ Disc Brakes
➢ Audio & Visual Safety
➢ LED Lighting Systems
➢ Automatic Lubrication
➢ HMI Touch Interface
➢ Extendable Side Guides
➢ Cassette Placement Sensors
➢ Remote Operation & Steering


RoRo translifters have an extremely low construction and a lightweight, open frame. They are equipped with solid rubber tyres and have excellent ramp driving capabilities. Translifter’s capacity is typically from 50 to 120 tons.

Container translifters are based on the same technology as RORO translifters, but their construction is lighter, because the strain on a container yard is much lower. Container translifters have pneumatic tyres for long transport distances and high speeds. Translifter’s capacity is typically from 50 to 70 tons.

Industrial translifters are used in steel and other heavy industry for factory’s internal transports. They have strong industrial bogies and pneumatic wheels for long distance transportation. The length, width and height of the frame are often tailored to the customer’s needs. Translifter’s capacity is typically from 50 to 150 tons.

Rolltrailer Load Calculator

Ensure using correct Roll Trailer as well as ensuring correct placement of load in relation to length and weight of the load!


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