RoRo system for effective way to transport
in Ports and Terminals

Ro-Ro operations include roll-on/roll-off ships, that are designed for transportation of heavy cargo. As the name implies, the load is “rolled” on and off the ships, often using platform vehicles. These vehicles are offered in our wide assortment of transportation equipment for Ro-Ro operations.

The application of cassette systems used in ports is divided between RoRo, terminal and container transportation. Our cassettes are best suited for heavy cargo – paper, steel or containers – with which translifter’s high capacity can be utilized.

The benefits of using a cassette system in RoRo operations:
Safer operation due to translifters features, such as brakes, reversing camera and general stability I High utilization of deck area due to block stowing and a chance for stacking multiple cassettes when empty Reduced lashing I Less handling damages when cargo is directly placed on a cassette I Lower operation costs, due to no need for maintenance and a long lifetime of cassettes.


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