RoRo Translifter

Used in combination with Cassettes. Translifter goes under the Cassette with the cargo, lifts it up and moves it whenever needed.
Cassettes wait in place, the driver is moving all the time -> lower downtime.

Typical specifications:

  • Payload: 60 to 120 tons
  • Length: 40ft / 45ft / 60ft / 62ft


  • Extending rear bumpers
  • Cassett stoppers
  • Front bumper for 40ft containers
  • Rear camera



  • High transport efficiency
  • Possibility of reducing the number of vehicles
  • Safe operation
  • Reduced lashing = saving time and labour cost
  • Self-loading principle
  • Using inexpensive Cassettes


Which problem does it solve:

Solves the problem of delay between loads and unloads of cargo

Visual trailer controls

Red LED lamp at Gooseneck indicates errors by flashing in different mode.

Constant RED LED lamp indicates driving in an overangle mode  > 72°.

Optional blue lamp show the position of Cassette stopper at 40ft or 45ft length.

Yellow lamp show same deep position as in cockpit to enter to cassette tunnel.

Orange lamp shows the activity of the flexible Cassette fixation.


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