Support system designed for safe transport of trailers at the sea and stevedoring operations.
Operated with hydraulic and pneumatic connecting handles.
The kingpin of the trestle connects with the tractor’s 5th wheel.
LOT system can be used for any ship, with no adjustments needed.
On the trestle, there is easy access lashing point for fast securing to the ship deck.
Lashing is required only in hard weather.

LOT system increases your company‘s turnarounds of ships and reduces work with heavy chains.

Typical capacity: up to 18 tons











  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • Saves time and money
  • In normal conditions no lashing is needed
  • Optional equipment added upon request


Which problem does it solve:

Increase in safety at sea transports and provides more efficiency to stevedoring operations.


Rolltrailer Load Calculator

Ensure using correct Roll Trailer as well as ensuring correct placement of load in relation to length and weight of the load!