A New Age In Translifter Evolution

The new electric powered MK1 e-Master is at the pinnacle of translifter innovation and evolution. In
the context of the shipping industry’s transition to a decarbonized future and in an era marked by
technology, innovation, sustainability and environmental responsibility, the MK1 e-Master marks the
beginning of a new age in translifter technology. The self-reliant MK1 e-Master connects equally
effortless with a Diesel- as with an electric powered tugmaster in process enhancing combined performance,
safety and ease of use.

Independent from power & hydralulic pressure from the tugmaster, the new electric powered MK1
e-Master contributes positively in reducing the global carbon footprint upwards 28.000 Kg Co2
annually. Equivalent of annual emission from 15 average passenger cars or equivalent of amount Co2
absorbed by 1300 trees. Lunching MK1 e-Master comes as a natural continuation of our strategy to
offer to our customers the best quality heavy duty equipment and intelligent solutions to perform their
port operations.

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