Innovative raw material handling in steel making

About the customer

IJTG Logistic is a logistic provider for the second largest steel producer in Europe. They are located in the Netherlands.
In this position, a reliable and efficient way of handling steel coils, general cargo and raw materials for steel making is expected from IJTG Logistics.

The Solution

The best solution for IJTG Logistics was robust industrial translifters for reliable every day operation – Coil cassettes for steel coil handling – Flat cassettes for general cargo – Tipping cassette for raw material transports in steel making – Push-off cassettes for creative ways of handling raw materials in steel making.

7 pcs LTH483 translifters, of which 2 pcs equipped with push-off function
3 pcs LTH362 translifters of which 1 pcs equipped with tipping function
30 pcs Coil Cassettes for 120T and 80T loads
2 pcs Push-Off Cassettes
1 pce Tipping Cassette
2 pcs Flat Cassettes

The result

Improved efficiency and safety in steel coil handling: The self loading principle of cassette systems enables shorter waiting times for machine operators and increase in productivity.

IJTG Logistics chose Liftec as a logistics provider for an innovative way of handling raw materials in steel making. The Liftec translifter together with a push-off cassette is a flexible and efficient solution for material transports. Unlike regular trucks in which unloading is done by tipping up the bin, the Liftec push-off system pushes the material out, enabling the operator to control the uloading speed and amount of material unloaded.


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