A New Tool For Ordering Spare Parts

We are happy to announce the launch of our new platform for purchasing spare parts for NOVATECH, NT LIFTEC and Baastrup products! As NT GROUP, our goal is to provide the highest quality spare parts, ready to be shipped directly to you. We want all our customers to be fully satisfied, which can only be obtained by using original, carefully selected and quality-tested spare parts that contribute to real savings. You can read about the huge benefits of using original products on our platform.

We have wondered what really affects the durability of our machines and came to an obvious conclusion: the most refined products possible. Over 30 years of experience have taught us that the quality of our production and the highest standards of controlling it, the perfect, refined and proven design of our machines and the highest quality of materials used are the key to success. We would not achieve such high quality if it were not for offering the highest quality components, which is why our spare parts are carefully selected and manufactured in the exact same way as the products installed on our new machines. We are constantly developing and want to raise the bar even higher, so for the sake of all NT NOVATECH, NT LIFTEC and Baastrup products, we are providing you with this new and very useful tool.

Our platform offers over 2,000 different spare parts to meet all your needs, including:

Hydraulics: From cylinders and valves to hoses and pipes, we have everything you need to maintain optimal hydraulic performance.

Electrical: Keep your equipment running smoothly with our wide range of electrical replacement parts, including lights, cameras, sensors, cables and sockets.

Maintenance Tools: Our specialized tools are designed to service and repair your products, ensuring effective maintenance and optimal performance.

Suspension replacement parts: Ensure stability and safety with our genuine suspension replacement parts, including steel components and bushings.

Brakes: Maintain braking performance and safety with our genuine brake replacement parts, including pads, discs and drums.

Lubrication spare parts: Keep your equipment well lubricated with our wide range of lubrication spare parts, including grease and central lubrication parts.

Frame replacement parts: Maintain the structural integrity of your equipment with our genuine frame replacement parts, including steel components, covers, bolts and connectors.

Only registered users can check the availability, prices and details of all spare parts on our platform. This ensures hassle-free and efficient shopping, allows you to quickly find the parts you need and place an order safely. Create an account on shop.ntgroup.com today, experience the convenience of our new platform and discover the ease of obtaining original spare parts for NT NOVATECH, NT LIFTEC and Baastrup products!


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