Human Recognition System

Safe and secure operations with AI camera technology

New AI Smart reverse camera system for detecting and protecting people

System consists of:

System available as option in all new Translifters from NT Group

In basic configuration once people are detected, the driver sees a frame around
every single person along with audio signal. If the person is close (<3m), the
frame will be red and fast beeping will be heard. If the person is far, there will
be slow beeping along with green frame shown on the screen.
By adding extension cable we are able to extend system in following way:

When supplementing rear camera with extra cameras on side, additional configuraiton
possibilities available. Such as:


Camera system is supporting equipmant and can not be treated as 100% secure.
Cameras will limit detection when will be dirty or will be working in dusty enviroment.
Cameras are not able to estimate in precision way distance from human.
Cameras do not detect other obstacles than humans.
During night time visibility and detection of cameras are limited.
If rear camera is placed in the middle, it has ~40 cm dead zone of detection.


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