NT Liftec Wiselink™

NT Liftec’s WiseLinkTM enables collection and management of translifters operational data, including usage, location and status.
WiseLinkTM can be accessed remotely via cloud with web browser.
WiseLinkTM uses a safe connection via VPN.


Faster decision making:

  • KPI’s
  • Historical data
  • Work cycle analyzing

Cost reductions through optimal work management

Process & resource optimization

Advanced reporting

Work time with load

81.3 hours

Work time without load

48.7 hours

Idle time

73.3 hours

Off time

134.6 hours

Total time

337.9 hours


Improved efficiency through:

  • Real time fleet tracking
  • Remote monitoring
  • Real time work planning, prioritizing and forecasting

Full traceability via web browser

Making disconnected Work measurable

Lifecycle management

Predict and prevent:

  • One view fl eet condition overview
  • Preventive maintenance based on actual usage

Event based fl eet maintenance management

Faster & more efficient trouble shooting

Remote access and support by maintenance personnel

Remote access and support by NT Liftec personnel


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